Monday, November 30, 2009

Airport Etiquette 101 - Mens' Restroom

Over the past few years of weekly travel, I've learned a few things about airport etiquette. This particular piece of wisdom just happens to concern the mens' restroom.

The lesson goes like this:

1. When entering a restroom, neverlook another person in the eye. You can still find your way around by looking at the wall or the floor. Looking into someone's eyes is good on a date, but not the restroom.

2. Never take a urinal next to someone. It is better to be separated by at least two urinals. (see below)

3. Take note and take aim. Account for any mis-guided angle. (the men know what I am saying)
If the angle is not accounted for, you could taint your shoe, or worst yet, the shoe of the person next to you.

Enough said.

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