Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Sunsets are my Favorite

Just a nice sunset, heading west on I-70, near Richfield, UT.

Friday, April 17, 2009

How long is your extender?

There have been several Internet news articles recently about a United Airlines policy that would require some obese passengers to pay for two seats. (Since one-third of Americans are considered medically obese, this could help the airlines economic situation.) United Airlines is, according to the articles, the fifth such airline to enact such a policy. (I wonder why we never heard about the first four)

Not wanting to sound mean or offensive, but really, something has to be done. Think about it, just because there are airplanes, doesn't mean that everyone fits into one, and for that matter be allowed to be a passenger. There are, after all, real physical limits.

But, the criteria and procedure for requiring a passenger to purchase two seats needs to be thought about at least a nano-second. From what I can gather, here will be the procedure.

1. The passenger boards the plane, and if it's observed by the flight attendant that the said passenger cannot either 1) buckle in with one extender belt or lower the arm rest, then it is time to go to step 2.

2. If an empty seat is available on the same airplane, then allow the passenger to move so that they spill over into the empty seat, harming no one else. If this is not the case, then go to step 3.

3. Allow the passenger to purchase a "Business Class" or "First Class" seat. (they are usually bigger). (man, I'd really enjoy adding a few extra comments here, but that would only confuse this issue) If this "Business Class/First Class" option doesn't work, then go to step 4.

4. Require that the passenger leave the plane and catch a later flight after purchasing tickets for two seats. (airport police would be called to escort the money-strapped, irate passenger from the plane, then the checked bags would have to be removed). Problem solved, right? Not hardly.

Here is what I see happening.

Passenger: "Well, the extender belt on "such and such airlines" worked just fine, it must be the extender belt, I'm not going any where until you get me the standard extender belt."

So, that raises an interesting thought. Just what is the length of a "standard extender belt". Well, ask eBay. Several are offered that measure twenty-four inches. You can actually buy your own.
So, in some government database somewhere, there will be a definition regarding the "standard extender belt size." (If there isn't already)

What will happen in these situations? People will get a custom-made extender belt (a cloned standard look-alike), with a full thirty extra inches, and when the flight attendant questions them about the size of their extender belt, the case will go straight to the Supreme Court, and we would be mired down in court costs and delays for who knows how long.

This will happen, there is no doubt in my military mind.

So, there has to be a better way. (this is where I get mean)

All airlines have a "luggage-sizer" thing where you place your carry-on in the compartment, and if it fits, then wah-la, you are good to go. Imagine a "Girth Sizer Unit" (GSU) whereby the suspect passenger sits in a mock economy-sized seat and has to strap in with a "standard-sized seat belt extender", or purchase two seats while at the counter. Would there be a line? Probably.

One has to chuckle at the situation we have gotten ourselves into. How in the world did this become a problem? As thinking Americans, something hasn't been clicking for a while. And please, don't claim it is a DNA issue, or it is something we just couldn't help.

A side note: On the Lewis and Clark Expedition, I don't think any of the participating soldiers were turned away because they wouldn't fit in a canoe. They were turned away because they couldn't shoot or track or hunt, but not because they wouldn't fit inside the means of travel.

So, how long is your extender?

PS: Here is one article..

One black coffee with NO sugar, please.

Good night.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Are you glued to your "Gadget"?

Nice catchy title don't you think? Ramble, ramble, but it does relate to what follows...

USA Today had an article today entitled "Relationships in a twist over Twitter"; "Glued to your gadget? You may be losing human link." (The daily newspaper has been reading this blog, because I noticed that phenomena a few months ago, but I don't have followers in the millions, yet)

The article goes on to quote a lady who is a proclaimed expert on the "over-stressed" and "over-connected". Now, there's a job for you. I am not sure the econ-oh-me is as bad as we are led to believe if there are "Connectivity experts" who can offer advice and get paid for it. But, she goes on to quote Thich Nhat Hanh, a Zen Buddhist master and poet--"The most precious gift we can offer others is our presence." Maybe, maybe not. I've met some people I'd rather not be "present with". But, that is another digital story.

In any case, we have done it to ourselves. If you are "too-connected", then fix it. Turn off the silly pod, and yawn with the rest of us.

PS I'm currently working on my Doctorate in Sarcasm and Cynicism from U-Nameit-U (U in U)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tumbleweed Man

Well, winter is about over, spring is here, and with it new duties. In addition to being "Adjuster-Man", I am now "Tumbleweed Man". It seems our yard is a magnet for those pesky "tumbleweeds" that blow as they wish from the west side of the Salt Lake Valley right smack into our yard. My wife has an eagle eye and can spot them with no mercy. Having been up in the morning all of 3 seconds, she tells me there is a new one in the yard, and I must capture it before it blows away--all of this before coffee, mind you. So, I go about my duties, cornering the weeds before they tumble into someone else's yard, and back into our's eventually. So, no complaints, just would like to have my coffee first.

One benefit, I do get to look at scenery as shown here. Not too bad of a life.

Thank you again.

Photoshop Fun

Thanks to Evelyn, I am not getting much sleep at night. I'm having too much fun with Photoshop Elements 7. I'm by no means an expert, but I do believe these pictures show nice "blends". Thank you Evelyn.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Wanted: Two Rabbits - One with No....

Being close to Easter and all, my wife and I thought it would be a good idea to take our two oldest granddaughters to see the baby rabbits at a local farm outlet store. We got there and Kylie and Melia feel in love with the twenty or so bunnies. In love enough to want one, each. Not wanting to be the grand parents who spoil the granddaughters' development, we said, "Sure, just ask your moms. "

Kylie called her mom first (actually I called for her. hehehe), but in a few nano seconds one could tell the conversation wasn't going too well. As it turns out, Kylie can have a rabbit if she finds one that doesn't poop.

Melia was next. Ring, Ring, happy days until mom started justifying to Melia why she should not have a rabbit. Something about allergies. As it turns out, Melia can have a rabbit only if she finds one without any hair.

So, being good grandparents, we are in the market for two rabbits -- one with out hair and one that doesn't poop.


Monday, April 6, 2009

I think something is wrong with my TV

(thanks to my two or three followers for hanging in there with me) But, I really do think something is wrong with my TV. Almost everything has a green tinge to it. On TV, people are wearing green shirts, green hats, cars are green, oil has a greenish look, water, too. The next time you see a car commercial on TV (Saturn is a good example) notice how much green you see. Even the logo for General Electric is now green. (was black at one time, I thought)

Once upon a time in a land far away, green was just one of many colors. Growing up, the only thing I really remember being green on TV besides the grass and trees was a 7-Up bottle, then along came Sprite, and then the symbol for decaffeinated coffee and onward we march, thinking if we make it look green, it probably will be "Green".

Contribute to my "Green" fund at InventGreenFuel.com. I'll invest it wisely for you, trust me.
(no, just kidding)

If coffee turns green, I'm quitting.

Good night to my two followers.