Saturday, January 31, 2009

Loyalty Cards

I must have a dozen or so "Loyalty Cards" in my wallet. You know what I mean--those cards that award points/miles for frequent visits, purchases, flights, meals, etc. Wow, I have "Platinum" status with this airline, "Diamond" status with a hotel chain, "Gold" with yet another one, and working on "Silver" for a new chain. My wallet is nothing but a huge bulge. (also, I am convinced these programs do a lot keep the Post Office in business, just judging by the mail and offers I get)

Anyway, I feel really privileged that these cards allow me to have all the status. A free bottle of water really comes in handy the first night in a hotel. Not to mention, those free peanut butter crackers. Mmm, man, life's good!

But, how much loyalty can you give? I mean, if all of your loyalty goes into one "pot", doesn't that mean the other "pots" get less loyalty. Thus "Diamond" status in one, but only "Silver" in another. Something or someone comes up short.

What if we were all issued a "Loyalty Card" when we were born. That way, as we go through life, we'd get points for working, visiting friends, being with family, shopping--all of life would be validated with "Loyalty Cards". That way, when your wife says to you "You're working too much, and not spending enough time with me", all you'd have to do is look at your point balance, and either confirm it, or otherwise. It would make the argument a lot less, well, subjective; if you know what I mean.

As for me, I think my point balance is way-out-of-whack. My work "Loyalty Card" is "Diamond", no doubt about it. For the rest of my time, I'd be stretching it to have a "Bronze" status anywhere else. As I approach age 60, it's time to reverse that.

What about your "Loyalty Card" situation? Are those points worth it?

Time for a third cup. Good night!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Total Shitzu Laser Level FUN!

Oh my goodness gracious, do you want to have some fun? Do you want a million gut-bustin' laughs? Get yourself a "laser level" and a Shitzu dog. Point the "laser level" at the floor, move it around, up and down, around the room, on the wall, up a pant's leg and watch your Shitzu dog go absolutely nuts chasing the red dot.

You can get a a good "laser level" at my web site: "". (no just kidding!). Or go to "Home-you know what" or Lowz and get one of these things. Shitzu dog, well you are on your own there, but am thinking a cat or any other dog will do the trick. My son and family have a Shitzu, and this dog will not give up. It wants to eat the dot. (They also have a Boxer dog that isn't terribly interested, maybe old or something, but never mind, the Shitzu is rabid after the red dot.) For those of you who don't have a laser light yet, get a flash light. The fun here is about 1/100 of what you are going to have with a "laser light". Let me know what you think. I loved it.

Cheers, and thanks Dan (my son) and Sid (the Shitzu)

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Chicken Joints

I took a philosophy course years ago, so I could beome "smart". The one thing I remember about the course was when the professor said a purpose of philosophy was to allow you to "divide life by the joints"-- separate life's pieces and then put them back together again, so to understand. His example was the joints of a chicken. A drumstick, thigh, wing, breast, and so on. They are all identifable, basically the same, right? I mean, a thigh doesn't become a breast, or a wing become a neck, does it? This is just something you can count on.

Now, let's rotate the planet 180 degrees, and plant you or me in Asia. Aah, now something is different here. One thing you notice is there are no-- absolutely zero "chicken joints". They just "chop-chop" the chicken, until you have no idea which "piece" is which. If you are looking for a "drumstick", you're out of luck. How in the world can this be? How do they live? Is life divided by the joints in Asia?

I guess one could say, in Asia, it's all good. We, in the West, miss something by limiting ourselves to just "drumsticks", "thighs", "wings", and so on.

Latte time!

Copper Mind

Take hold of my hand and tell me your story, twice or three times if need be, and let me take the pain away, and like a lightening rod, send the feelings into the everlasting darkness—never to return.

Frequency #1

Frequency. The physical properties of frequency have always interested me. It seems almost every object has a natural frequency, or natural vibration. Thick guitar strings have a different natural frequency than do thin guitar strings--with a totally different sound. Rainbow colors are distinct frequencies. Red, yellow, green--all "vibrate" at different intervals, and produce different sounds (if we could hear them)

Water has a natural frequency, depending on temperature. And, since humans are composed of about 60-70% water, it stands to reason that we also have a "natural frequency". For example, have you ever been listening to a song, and it struck a chord that went beyond your ears? Have you every walked into a room, and got "bad vibes"?

Or, heard someone say, "She is very "high strung", or "His personality is totally "flat". Or, "felt it" when someone walks into a room?

Have you every said about another person, "we cannot get along--we aren't in sync." Or, on the opposite side of that, have you ever looked into the face of someone, and new what they were thinking?

Where does this "frequency" come from? An interesting concept is given by Dr Morris Massey, in which he believes that "What you are is Where you Were When". So, your "frequency" becomes part of you as you grow, and is influenced by your home, your family, and your physical surroundings. Dr Massey goes on to say that by the age of ten, the boy or girl has pretty much figured out the way to live life, and by 20 it's pretty much locked in.

I can only speak for myself. But, at the age of 10, I spent time in a Poplar tree in my parent's yard looking toward the west (Asia), thinking about how the world was connected, and how people could go anywhere, and do anything. Ten short years later, at the age of 20, I knew that to be a fact, as the Vietnam War cranked on.

Dr Massey's web site is:

The intro video is in the upper right corner.

Time for a second cup. Black, with no sugar. Cheers.

Post Script: Today (31 Jan 09) I saw a book actually entitled "frequency" by Penney Peirce. The book is about "vibrations" from humans. Strange coincidence. Cheers

Monday, January 19, 2009


Around our home, I am the "Adjuster-Man". I get to use my talents on at least a weekly basis. For background, we used to have a Heater Thermostat with which you could adjust the temperature + or - 10 degrees by moving the slider a nanometer. Not really precise, but I was able to master the changes to the point where my wife (bless her heart) was content most of the time.

Advance in time 30 years. We now have a Heater Thermostat with which you can control the temperature to the degree, if not the lower side or higher side of a degree. Now, if my wife is cold, I can adjust it to almost 68.2 degrees, and get her feedback. I am pretty good at this adjustment. Lot's of practice.

Don't go away, there's more. We also have several lamp timers that allow me to adjust when the lamps come on and go off. There are several, one or two in various rooms. I have gotten explicit instructions from my wife as to when each lamp should come on, and go off, within 5 minutes. The idea is to have one lamp come on, stay on for say 10 minutes, then go off. Then, about the same time, the another lamp in another room should come on, and so on. This gives the appearance that someone is in the house, and moving about, so to speak. I'm working on this one. Because, my wife wants to keep "burglers-to-be" on their toes, the times have to change. It's not a bad hobby, if you're into timers. (I just pretend I'am an electrical engineer, and I feel better.)

Now, a month ago, we found out that the water heater was continuously spilling water into an overflow. It turned out to be too much pressure. A plumber call and $145.00 later told me that. The plumber added a pressure equalizing tank above the water heater, and "ADJUSTED" the outside water pressure. (see where I'm going with this?)

After all this, my wife (bless her heart, again) asked me what he did. "Ugh, he adjusted the outside water pressure." (Darn it, should never have said that!)

Anyway, a few days ago, she said "Can you adjust the water pressure, it's a little too low, hard to take a shower".

I played "Adjuster Man".

Yesterday, she said, "Can you adjust the water pressure, it's too high, splashes all over my sink."

Adjuster-Man to the rescue...........Ta Dah!

I even have a special screw driver for the nano-twist adjustments.

(Think, I'll have another drink, er I mean cup. Have a good day)

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Water, Trees, and People

I was browsing around the book store the other day, and picked up a book titled "Hidden Messages in Water" by Masaru Emoto. Dr. Emoto has been able to obtain pictures of frozen water crystals after the water has been exposed to different songs, sounds, spoken words, colors, etc. It seems the crystals take on different shapes depending on what it has been exposed to. It also seems that the crystals often do not form, or form in grotesque fashion, some even a brown color if exposed to something harsh or demeaning. The word "demon", for example, produces a very different crystal than the words "thank you."

Now, variances are noted between individuals, but the human body contains roughly 60%-70% water. This brings up some interesting thoughts. If crystals can be shaped by events, good and bad, how about us "water-logged" humans?

Can this "water thing" be the center of how we feel? Is it possible, then, to affect your attitude, disposition, feelings, and even health by surrounding yourself (as much as working people can) with the types of music, sounds (and even other people) that have shown to create beautiful crystals?

One other point, and I'll leave this for another day. I read in another book (I think by Robert Fulghum) that some earlier peoples believed you could kill trees by yelling at them. After weeks of yelling, the tree simply died and fell over. So, what is the percentage of water in a tree?

Getting back to the water. What does a "yelled-at" crystal look like? And, from that, how does a "yelled-at" person feel?

Almost as bad as the tree.

Dr Emoto's web site is

Coffee Review - Millcreek Coffee Roasters

If you are interested in a unique, relaxing environment and a very nice cup of coffee, try Millcreek Coffee Roasters in Salt Lake City. I had the coffee of the day - Bolivian, with an extra shot of espresso. Wow, very nice flavor, and even served with a smile. The walls are decorated with empty burlap coffee bags from all over the world.

Free wifi for those of you that can't get enough of the "connection".

One other note: They actually do roast their own coffee. There are several large roasters in the back, which probably add to the atmosphere and "flavor" when in use.

Millcreek Coffee Roasters is located at 657 South Main Street, Salt Lake City, Utah. Phone: 801 595 8646. Tell them the CoffeeBuddha sent you.

Friday, January 16, 2009

It's an egg in the sky!

"It's an egg in the Sky!", Kylie screamed as she pointed to the east.....

These were the words our grandaughter shared with my wife and I a year or so ago. We were in our backyard, which was lit by the most beautiful full moon you can imagine. It was one of those that was still orange, not quite white, yet. She was four at the time.

I think I'll be four again.

These are the things I'll see and do:

I'll also see the "egg in the sky", and wonder why it's being eaten, and by whom.

I'll see sugar crystals as the milky way, and wonder why they don't fall into our opened-mouths.

I'll dress myself with stripes, plaid, and polka dots, all at the same time, and not worry what people think.

I'll watch my favorite cartoons, over and over again, laughing just like the first time.

I'll count to ten, and be proud of myself.

I'll tell my grandma that I like her rice soup, and watch grandma smile.

I'll eat candy until I can eat no more, and not worry about the consequences.

I'll have my favorite blanket, and keep it close to me when I sleep.

I'll draw and color, showing my grandma what I've done, all with a smile on my face.

(these should keep me busy for a day or so)

So, Kylie, if you read this, can you make papa a picture of the "egg in the sky"? I'll hang it in my "CoffeeBuddha" office. Thanks, Kylie!


Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My Best Cup of Coffee

I had my best cup of coffee ever after completing basic aircrew survival training near Fairchild AFB, Washington. It was incredible. The coffee was brewed in a 55 gallon drum, over an open fire, no filters, nothing fancy. I forget the exact number, but we opened many 3 pound cans, poured the grounds in, and they just settled to the bottom. You just scooped all you wanted with your tin cup. Simple and good for the soul.

What was your best experience with your drink? (coffee, tea, or whatever you like).

Cheers, time for another cup!

"Maybe We can Share a Room?"

When you travel, you can run into strange people and events. This happened to me as I was staying (at a Hampton Inn) in San Diego on business.

I arrived late, and while looking for a parking spot, I noticed a pickup truck following me. After parking, and while getting my suitcase from the trunk, a fellow gets out of the truck and said: "Man, these rooms are expensive." I agreed, saying something to the effect that this was San Diego.

He said, "Are you getting a room here?"
I said: "Yes."
He said" Maybe we can share a room?"

I said, as I drug my suitcase past him, "No, a couple of agents and I are sharing a room-- the FBI is having us cut back on expenses."


He got in his pickup and drove off.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Things I've Heard in Airports #1

I fly every week somewhere. Done it for a while. Here are some things I've heard people say.

1. Loudspeaker: "Will the person who left their wedding ring at gate B11 , please return to claim it?"

2. Man on cell phone: "Tell him he's fired" I don't care if he'll cry."

3. Woman to Man: (while waiting in line to board): "I want a divorce."
Man to Woman: "What?"
Woman to Man: "You heard me, now get it taken care of"
(they had to sit together on the flight, not speaking for a while, but believe it or not, before we landed (several glasses of wine later) they were kissing like newly weds.

4. Man to me: "Do you want to swap seats-- my window seat for your aisle seat"?
Me to man: "No, that's fine, I think I'll keep this seat".
Man to me: What's the matter, are you scared (afraid) to sit by the window?
Me to Man: No, but statistically, you do stand a greater chance of falling out of the plane sitting by the window"
Man to me: Silence

5. Jan 2009. As we arrived at the gate in Phoenix, Flight Attendant to some kids on the plane who flew without parents or adults: "OK, you UM's (Un-escorted Minors), stay in your seats, don't move until I tell you to move." Nice, SouthWest Airlines does a good job of training boot-camp instructors.

Merge - It's an Action Word!

Many years ago, when I was in grade school, we learned that a verb was "an action word" However, we learned a verb could also be used to describe a "state of being". Advance forward in time to say 50 years, and I've finally realized how important the differences in these uses--"action" or "being".

For example, driving north or south on I15, and you get the feeling very quickly that most drivers believe that Merge is a "state of being". Most believe that they can take their sweet time and saunter onto the interestate, without any effort to reach the traffic flow speed. They seem to feel that the primary job of "merging" belongs to the driver(s) already established in the traffic flow.

Attention "state of being" drivers: Merge is an action word, it requires you do something besides lolly gag at 45 mph while the flow traffic brakes to "let you in". Get with it!. Merge, for goodness sake!