Friday, December 23, 2011

Frequent Flyer Miles

I was reviewing an airline website recently and stumbled upon their frequent flyer policies. They had posted an update that basically said frequent flyer miles transferred due to a divorce would incur a $150.00 charge. I got to thinking, can it be that such a small thing as frequent flyer miles come up in divorce cases.

I have to be naive, but it blew my hair back to think people would quibble over such trivial things. The airline has obviously be inundated with such requests, otherwise they would not add a fee.

But, then I dared broach the subject with our neighbors. "Well, it depends on how many miles, he has", she said. And, then he said, "I wonder if you really have to be divorced to get the miles, uh I mean, do they check?" "After all, a ticket for $150.00 is pretty cheap."

I give up. Have we become so small to put so much emphasis on such a trivial thing? Obviously, we have. Any comments are appreciated.

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  1. I would definitely want half of my husbands credit card points :). But, I'll just stick to being married to him. I have seen a few divorce lists, and yes, they are extremely detailed and some couples pretty much have to list everything they have and use lawyers to decide what belongs to whom, with simple things like kids bikes and movies being fought over. So sad.