Thursday, February 9, 2012

Divorce Cake

(I think I've gone off my rocker...)

But I was thinking...

those companies in the Wedding Reception market are missing out on a serious business opportunity. Think about it, why not offer Divorce Parties, let's refer to them as Divorce Deceptions. At one time, we had a Wedding Reception, now, at this stage, only fitting to call it a Divorce Deception, don't you think? These could be a family and friend "affair" to honor the attempt, the "best shot", so to speak of trying to make a sacred tradition work.

Imagine the possibilities. There could be a Deception Line, you and your former could stand back-to-back, and grab and greet to your hearts' desire. You could also get some serious hugging in. Your lawyers could also be there, and remind you of your need to remain silent as the big questions linger, and the why's are whispered through out the mingle. If you desire, your religious representative (Pastor, Bishop, Priest, Imam, etc) could also be there, and may even preside over the proceedings. No need to leave them out at a time like this.

For entertainment, we could smash two Pintas, one for each. Inside could be a some of your "junk drawer" collection, bill receipts, or what's in the shoe box under your bed. Plus, for more fun, we could hear recordings of the yelling and screaming between the two of you, set to music. (It would probably sound familiar to everyone, it's all been heard before, believe me--sort of like a top-ten hit from the back of everyone's mind)

For refreshments, I see a little BitterRoot Tea, or Love Potion #9, and the cake, let's not forget the cake. Instead of one large sheet cake, it could be split down the middle, forming two smaller ones each with icing the color of Weeping Willow bark. Served while listening to the song "You've Made Me So Very Happy" by the group Blood, Sweat and Tears. Enjoy.

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  1. Just make sure when your friends greet you in the line, that they are really choosing sides :). Whoever they greet first gets to keep them as friends.