Sunday, March 8, 2009

Swiss Army Knife

I love Swiss Army Knives. I used to have three, but TSA absconded with two of my small 3-inchers. The knives never made it to the bin of "absconded stuff", just to the TSA officers pocket. Probably safer there.

I ran across an ad in a magazine yesterday showing the World's Only Complete Swiss Army Knife. It is 8.75 inches wide and weighs 2.75 pounds. Take a look to the left.

It sports 87 tools, spanning 112 functions. It even has cigar-cutting scissors and a 12/20-gauge shotgun choke tube tool. Man, gotta get one of these. See the full description to the left.

But, as the little girl asked her mom at the Ontario Airport last week (referring to the gas truck re-fueling the plane); "What's it for, mommy?

Well, good question. What is it for?

It has become so "functional" that it is now "dis-functional". We could say the same for large businesses and the federal government. Oh, they all look good on paper, and have good marketing to back them up, good story line, etc. But, I want to see that 12/20-gauge shotgun choke tube tool in action, and we'll then decide if it's worth anything but a laugh.

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