Thursday, March 26, 2009

Two jobs on my chopping block

(I travel to Los Angeles, California often, and have noticed this phenomenon)

There are two jobs in the Los Angeles area that are totally recession proof, and would be on my chopping block, if I was in charge.

The first job on my chopping block--Pick any morning, go to any local television station and listen as the "TV Traffic Condition Person" tells you in a grandiose fashion how traffic on the LA freeways is either "crowded" or "very crowded". Since rush-hour doesn't apply anymore, (this presumes people are actually going to work) why do we need a detailed account on "crowded" versus "very crowded". Let's save several hundred thousand a year, and hire a computer voice.

The second job on my chopping block--This job is also on the local TV stations. This person tells you the weather, and how the temperature in and around LA will fluctuate 5 degrees all day. There will also be some clouds, some smog, and a little sunshine. I'd take that six-figure salary, and buy a $200 dollar scanner with weather from the computerized voice of the National Weather Service and call it good.

Two shots of espresso please.

1 comment:

  1. What if the weather computer voice lulls all of the drivers to sleep so that there is actual congestion? What will the traffic voice do then???

    Anyway, once everyone has an iPhone, those jobs will be obsolete because...there are apps that do that.