Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tumbleweed Man

Well, winter is about over, spring is here, and with it new duties. In addition to being "Adjuster-Man", I am now "Tumbleweed Man". It seems our yard is a magnet for those pesky "tumbleweeds" that blow as they wish from the west side of the Salt Lake Valley right smack into our yard. My wife has an eagle eye and can spot them with no mercy. Having been up in the morning all of 3 seconds, she tells me there is a new one in the yard, and I must capture it before it blows away--all of this before coffee, mind you. So, I go about my duties, cornering the weeds before they tumble into someone else's yard, and back into our's eventually. So, no complaints, just would like to have my coffee first.

One benefit, I do get to look at scenery as shown here. Not too bad of a life.

Thank you again.


  1. Is that a blend?

    You know you could sell those tumbleweeds online...seriously.

  2. I think adjusta-man needs to invent a tool that he can drag around the yard that collects tumbleweeds.