Monday, April 6, 2009

I think something is wrong with my TV

(thanks to my two or three followers for hanging in there with me) But, I really do think something is wrong with my TV. Almost everything has a green tinge to it. On TV, people are wearing green shirts, green hats, cars are green, oil has a greenish look, water, too. The next time you see a car commercial on TV (Saturn is a good example) notice how much green you see. Even the logo for General Electric is now green. (was black at one time, I thought)

Once upon a time in a land far away, green was just one of many colors. Growing up, the only thing I really remember being green on TV besides the grass and trees was a 7-Up bottle, then along came Sprite, and then the symbol for decaffeinated coffee and onward we march, thinking if we make it look green, it probably will be "Green".

Contribute to my "Green" fund at I'll invest it wisely for you, trust me.
(no, just kidding)

If coffee turns green, I'm quitting.

Good night to my two followers.

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  1. Tea is green, energy drinks are green (the "good" ones anyway), leafy greens are green. You're right, green is in! Green is the new black.