Monday, February 16, 2009

Airport Etiquette

I learn something every time I set foot in an airport. Today, at the Salt Lake City and Las Vegas Airports, I learned the following bits of etiquette:

1. Take a seat, and then place each of your carry-on bags in their on seat. Wouldn't want the carry-on luggage to sit on the floor, now would we. Besides, the older ladies don't mind standing.

2. Take a seat, and place your feet/shoes on the seat next to you. Got to spread that bathroom "skunge" around. Now, what is that on the seat of your pants, again?

3. Spread out, sleep in 5 seats. (Get my point?)

4. Eat a cheeseburger, drop the ketchup on the floor, and then smash it with your foot, to make it invisible in the carpet. Maybe you and the dude who puts his feet in seats, should get together. Then we will know what is on the seat of your pants.

Happy travels.

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