Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Powerful Mint

Kylie is now five years old. Ask her, and she'll tell you. She is also the young lady who saw the egg in the sky, (which is an earlier blog entry).

I don't usually carry breath mints (probably should, but don't) But, in this case, I'd just bought a package of "Wrench Mints" TM, cinnamon flavor. They are actually shaped like little wrenches, and come in a wrench-shaped tin container. (Marketing by-line: When your breath is broke---fix it")

After eating some Mexican food with my son, his wife, and Kylie, I decided to pass out the "Wrench Mints". I'd had one or two--a very nice flavor.

But, then a five-year old brain started to work. She looked at the little wrench, popped it in her mouth, and as we started to leave told her mom, "It tastes like the sun!"

Wow, another quote for her yearbook. Dad and mom, write these down, and tell her the stories down the road.

So far, there's an egg in the sky, and a mint that tastes like the sun. Keep'um coming Kylie.


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  1. It's like, the fewer words you know, the more powerfully you can use them!