Sunday, February 8, 2009

Born on......Best before.....

One thing about travelling alone, you can talk to yourself a lot. Today I had a conversation with myself about the "Born on" dates seen on food products and drinks, including beer. In addition to the "Born" date, some products even have a "Best before" date, for a guage of freshness, I guess.

I had a dentist tell me once that I'd never again have the gums of an 18 year old. (and are you going to charge me for that explanation?) So, in this case, the "Best before" date is, well: 18 years old.

If you listen to or read the Holly-Drama, the "Best Before" dates can really be slippery. Best before: Too Old, is probably in the ball park. But, even that changes depending on how much botox, and other facial stretchings have been done.

For me, I think I'll keep it simple. How about Born on: Today, and Best Before: Tomorrow. Living one day at a time, just one day at a time.

Time for another freshly-brewed cup.

1 comment:

  1. Your self talk is very insightful. You actually complete a thought. My self-talk begins with, "Do you want this chocolate? Yes, I would love to have this chocolate." and ends with, "Mmmmmm, chocolate...."

    Then again, maybe you complete a thought thinking about coffee. :)