Saturday, January 31, 2009

Loyalty Cards

I must have a dozen or so "Loyalty Cards" in my wallet. You know what I mean--those cards that award points/miles for frequent visits, purchases, flights, meals, etc. Wow, I have "Platinum" status with this airline, "Diamond" status with a hotel chain, "Gold" with yet another one, and working on "Silver" for a new chain. My wallet is nothing but a huge bulge. (also, I am convinced these programs do a lot keep the Post Office in business, just judging by the mail and offers I get)

Anyway, I feel really privileged that these cards allow me to have all the status. A free bottle of water really comes in handy the first night in a hotel. Not to mention, those free peanut butter crackers. Mmm, man, life's good!

But, how much loyalty can you give? I mean, if all of your loyalty goes into one "pot", doesn't that mean the other "pots" get less loyalty. Thus "Diamond" status in one, but only "Silver" in another. Something or someone comes up short.

What if we were all issued a "Loyalty Card" when we were born. That way, as we go through life, we'd get points for working, visiting friends, being with family, shopping--all of life would be validated with "Loyalty Cards". That way, when your wife says to you "You're working too much, and not spending enough time with me", all you'd have to do is look at your point balance, and either confirm it, or otherwise. It would make the argument a lot less, well, subjective; if you know what I mean.

As for me, I think my point balance is way-out-of-whack. My work "Loyalty Card" is "Diamond", no doubt about it. For the rest of my time, I'd be stretching it to have a "Bronze" status anywhere else. As I approach age 60, it's time to reverse that.

What about your "Loyalty Card" situation? Are those points worth it?

Time for a third cup. Good night!

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