Thursday, January 29, 2009

Total Shitzu Laser Level FUN!

Oh my goodness gracious, do you want to have some fun? Do you want a million gut-bustin' laughs? Get yourself a "laser level" and a Shitzu dog. Point the "laser level" at the floor, move it around, up and down, around the room, on the wall, up a pant's leg and watch your Shitzu dog go absolutely nuts chasing the red dot.

You can get a a good "laser level" at my web site: "". (no just kidding!). Or go to "Home-you know what" or Lowz and get one of these things. Shitzu dog, well you are on your own there, but am thinking a cat or any other dog will do the trick. My son and family have a Shitzu, and this dog will not give up. It wants to eat the dot. (They also have a Boxer dog that isn't terribly interested, maybe old or something, but never mind, the Shitzu is rabid after the red dot.) For those of you who don't have a laser light yet, get a flash light. The fun here is about 1/100 of what you are going to have with a "laser light". Let me know what you think. I loved it.

Cheers, and thanks Dan (my son) and Sid (the Shitzu)

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