Sunday, January 25, 2009

Frequency #1

Frequency. The physical properties of frequency have always interested me. It seems almost every object has a natural frequency, or natural vibration. Thick guitar strings have a different natural frequency than do thin guitar strings--with a totally different sound. Rainbow colors are distinct frequencies. Red, yellow, green--all "vibrate" at different intervals, and produce different sounds (if we could hear them)

Water has a natural frequency, depending on temperature. And, since humans are composed of about 60-70% water, it stands to reason that we also have a "natural frequency". For example, have you ever been listening to a song, and it struck a chord that went beyond your ears? Have you every walked into a room, and got "bad vibes"?

Or, heard someone say, "She is very "high strung", or "His personality is totally "flat". Or, "felt it" when someone walks into a room?

Have you every said about another person, "we cannot get along--we aren't in sync." Or, on the opposite side of that, have you ever looked into the face of someone, and new what they were thinking?

Where does this "frequency" come from? An interesting concept is given by Dr Morris Massey, in which he believes that "What you are is Where you Were When". So, your "frequency" becomes part of you as you grow, and is influenced by your home, your family, and your physical surroundings. Dr Massey goes on to say that by the age of ten, the boy or girl has pretty much figured out the way to live life, and by 20 it's pretty much locked in.

I can only speak for myself. But, at the age of 10, I spent time in a Poplar tree in my parent's yard looking toward the west (Asia), thinking about how the world was connected, and how people could go anywhere, and do anything. Ten short years later, at the age of 20, I knew that to be a fact, as the Vietnam War cranked on.

Dr Massey's web site is:

The intro video is in the upper right corner.

Time for a second cup. Black, with no sugar. Cheers.

Post Script: Today (31 Jan 09) I saw a book actually entitled "frequency" by Penney Peirce. The book is about "vibrations" from humans. Strange coincidence. Cheers

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