Monday, January 19, 2009


Around our home, I am the "Adjuster-Man". I get to use my talents on at least a weekly basis. For background, we used to have a Heater Thermostat with which you could adjust the temperature + or - 10 degrees by moving the slider a nanometer. Not really precise, but I was able to master the changes to the point where my wife (bless her heart) was content most of the time.

Advance in time 30 years. We now have a Heater Thermostat with which you can control the temperature to the degree, if not the lower side or higher side of a degree. Now, if my wife is cold, I can adjust it to almost 68.2 degrees, and get her feedback. I am pretty good at this adjustment. Lot's of practice.

Don't go away, there's more. We also have several lamp timers that allow me to adjust when the lamps come on and go off. There are several, one or two in various rooms. I have gotten explicit instructions from my wife as to when each lamp should come on, and go off, within 5 minutes. The idea is to have one lamp come on, stay on for say 10 minutes, then go off. Then, about the same time, the another lamp in another room should come on, and so on. This gives the appearance that someone is in the house, and moving about, so to speak. I'm working on this one. Because, my wife wants to keep "burglers-to-be" on their toes, the times have to change. It's not a bad hobby, if you're into timers. (I just pretend I'am an electrical engineer, and I feel better.)

Now, a month ago, we found out that the water heater was continuously spilling water into an overflow. It turned out to be too much pressure. A plumber call and $145.00 later told me that. The plumber added a pressure equalizing tank above the water heater, and "ADJUSTED" the outside water pressure. (see where I'm going with this?)

After all this, my wife (bless her heart, again) asked me what he did. "Ugh, he adjusted the outside water pressure." (Darn it, should never have said that!)

Anyway, a few days ago, she said "Can you adjust the water pressure, it's a little too low, hard to take a shower".

I played "Adjuster Man".

Yesterday, she said, "Can you adjust the water pressure, it's too high, splashes all over my sink."

Adjuster-Man to the rescue...........Ta Dah!

I even have a special screw driver for the nano-twist adjustments.

(Think, I'll have another drink, er I mean cup. Have a good day)

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  1. Hey Adjusta-Man... I like the pictures, you'll have to show me how you did that..