Sunday, January 18, 2009

Water, Trees, and People

I was browsing around the book store the other day, and picked up a book titled "Hidden Messages in Water" by Masaru Emoto. Dr. Emoto has been able to obtain pictures of frozen water crystals after the water has been exposed to different songs, sounds, spoken words, colors, etc. It seems the crystals take on different shapes depending on what it has been exposed to. It also seems that the crystals often do not form, or form in grotesque fashion, some even a brown color if exposed to something harsh or demeaning. The word "demon", for example, produces a very different crystal than the words "thank you."

Now, variances are noted between individuals, but the human body contains roughly 60%-70% water. This brings up some interesting thoughts. If crystals can be shaped by events, good and bad, how about us "water-logged" humans?

Can this "water thing" be the center of how we feel? Is it possible, then, to affect your attitude, disposition, feelings, and even health by surrounding yourself (as much as working people can) with the types of music, sounds (and even other people) that have shown to create beautiful crystals?

One other point, and I'll leave this for another day. I read in another book (I think by Robert Fulghum) that some earlier peoples believed you could kill trees by yelling at them. After weeks of yelling, the tree simply died and fell over. So, what is the percentage of water in a tree?

Getting back to the water. What does a "yelled-at" crystal look like? And, from that, how does a "yelled-at" person feel?

Almost as bad as the tree.

Dr Emoto's web site is

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