Friday, January 16, 2009

It's an egg in the sky!

"It's an egg in the Sky!", Kylie screamed as she pointed to the east.....

These were the words our grandaughter shared with my wife and I a year or so ago. We were in our backyard, which was lit by the most beautiful full moon you can imagine. It was one of those that was still orange, not quite white, yet. She was four at the time.

I think I'll be four again.

These are the things I'll see and do:

I'll also see the "egg in the sky", and wonder why it's being eaten, and by whom.

I'll see sugar crystals as the milky way, and wonder why they don't fall into our opened-mouths.

I'll dress myself with stripes, plaid, and polka dots, all at the same time, and not worry what people think.

I'll watch my favorite cartoons, over and over again, laughing just like the first time.

I'll count to ten, and be proud of myself.

I'll tell my grandma that I like her rice soup, and watch grandma smile.

I'll eat candy until I can eat no more, and not worry about the consequences.

I'll have my favorite blanket, and keep it close to me when I sleep.

I'll draw and color, showing my grandma what I've done, all with a smile on my face.

(these should keep me busy for a day or so)

So, Kylie, if you read this, can you make papa a picture of the "egg in the sky"? I'll hang it in my "CoffeeBuddha" office. Thanks, Kylie!


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